So you are about to depart on the cruise of a lifetime and looking forward to relaxing, reading, not cooking and visiting new destinations.  One aspect of us that never goes on holiday is our health and wellbeing, it requires constant attention much like cleaning our teeth, and it’s a daily proposition.
With all that we pack into our lives these days we often don’t find time to be proactive with our health.  So a holiday where we are free from the constraints of ‘normal’ life gives us this opportunity.  Below are some tips on how to make healthy lifestyle choices when on a cruising holiday.
  • Look for opportunities to move.  Take the stairs not the lift. Explore a different area of the boat each day or walk around the boat three times each morning after breakfast and each evening after dinner.
  • Buffet eating is a challenge for the most disciplined of us.  We get portion distortion and load up our plate multiple times, generally eating 2 to 3 times as much as we would usually. Survey the buffet first and decide on what you will eat, rather than just eating everything.
  • Choose one physical activity each day such as dancing, aqua aerobics, yoga or table tennis.  It does not matter if you have never tried these activities before, you know very few other passengers so try something new.
  • Go to the gym and ask the personal trainer to write a program for you to do each day.  Even if you walk for 30 minutes each day on the treadmill you will feel much better.
  • Take you pedometer, it will measure how many steps you take each day.  Aim for between 8000 and 12000 depending upon how active you usually are.
  • Go ashore as often as possible, this again gets you moving and when you have a distraction you will be surprised just how many steps you take.
  • Monitor your alcohol intake.
And most of all enjoy your holiday!
Amanda Coombe

Amanda is considered a national expert in lifestyle coaching and personal training having 5 times been a finalist in the Australian Personal Trainer of the Year Award.

She is the founder of Personal Best Fitness, Tasmania’s Fitness Business of the Year and is recognized as a leader in corporate health programs.  Her corporate clients include Nyrstar, Tasmanian Collection Services, RACT, Hydro Tasmania, Norske Skog, Parliament House, Tasmanian Audit Office, SEMF and Tasmanian Fire Service.