man helping child to put on a life jacket
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Top tips for safe boating

It's a great feeling to finally get the boat out of the driveway and down a boat ramp. But with our state's unpredictable weather and changing waterways, it's important to stay safe.

Before you head out on the water this summer, read our tips for safe boating:

● Know the limitations of your boat.
● Know your own limitations – if you're in any doubt, sail back to shore.
● Carry the right safety gear and make sure you know how to use it.
● Don't commit yourself to the trip and cancel if the weather's bad.
● Know the load limit of your boat and don't exceed it.
● Carry some spare fuel and basic spare parts.
● Always wear a life jacket.
● Keep an eye on the kids and put them in a life jacket at the boat ramp.
● Like driving, alcohol and boating don't mix.
Before launching, make sure you:

● Hold a current licence.
● Check the latest weather forecast.
● Check the tide to ensure the ramp is suitable.
● Check your vessel and safety equipment.
● Have enough fuel for the trip.
● Have enough food, water and a first aid kit.
● Inform someone of your departure and estimated return.
● Know the area you’re visiting or have sought local knowledge.
● Check that all passengers are familiar with the safety equipment.

Remember – watch the weather and think about the safety of everyone on board at all times.

For more information visit MAST's website.

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