Under the bonnet - know your car

Ever wondered how to change a tyre? Or check the oil in your car? RACT AutoServe has you covered.

RACT AutoServe Hobart and Launceston will be offering free ‘Know Your Car’ hands-on evening sessions this March.  These sessions will cover the basics including under-bonnet checks, tyres, brakes and lights. You’ll also get an overview of what servicing and repairs really mean.

Join Will in Hobart, and Chris in Launceston as they take you through how to Know Your Car. Light refreshments included.

Hobart: Wednesday 22 March 6pm, 136 Harrington Street

Launceston: Wednesday 22 March 6pm, 85 Cimitiere Street

Spots are limited for these sessions, so get in quick and secure your place with your preference of Hobart or Launceston.