Long road to recovery

This week on Road Torque we meet Steven Richardson, a former motorcycle policeman, whose weekend away on his motorbike with mates ended in a crash that stripped him of his independence.

Road Torque is a series of videos highlighting key road safety messages. RACT has partnered with the Road Safety Advisory Council and Seven Tasmania to deliver Road Torque on Monday nights during the 6:00pm news bulletin between 9 July and 6 August.

Steven was driving his motorbike around a blind corner at Hellyer Gorge and collided with a vehicle that was in his lane on the wrong side of the double white lines. Steven's leg was crushed, resulting in serious injuries that have impacted his independence and family.

"The toughest period was when I was absolutely confined to bed and couldn't move without having someone around me.

"Just to go to the bathroom or have a shower, some of those basic things, getting dressed, you just can't do by yourself," Steven said. 

Having a background in emergency services helped Steven to avoid a potentially much worse crash, but not everyone has this type of expertise.

Steven's long road to recovery is a timely reminder to always pay attention on the road and to never take your mobility for granted.

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