2019 Board Election

Nominations for our board of directors is now open. We've put this page together so you can find out all you need to know about the voting process. Our candidates are listed below and directions on how you can vote online.

Voting will close at 12 noon on Wednesday 6 November, 2019.

The 2019 Candidates

  • Jude Franks*
    RACT Board member Jude Franks.
    Jude Franks* GAICD

    As a proud Tasmanian I was honoured to accept appointment to the RACT Board in 2015.

    My Grandparents purchased my membership when I bought my first car in 1980 - as my father did for my children in recent years, continuing a proud 4 generation association with the organisation.

    I am a Director of RACT Destinations Pty Ltd, Chair of the RACT Southern Advocacy Advisory Committee, and former Director of RACT Travel.

    I have over 30 years’ extensive and ongoing commercial experience consulting in strategy ,management, marketing and product development to all sectors but particularly the Tourism Industry in Tasmania, interstate and internationally.

    My professional background allows me to contribute experienced perspective regarding the company’s expanded commercial directions.

    I am committed to ensuring RACT demonstrate membership value and ongoing advocacy for road safety and other relevant issues on behalf of all members whilst striving towards our goal to enhance the lives of all Tasmanians.

    I am currently a Director of (PAHSMA) Port Arthur Historic Sites Management Authority, Mt Wellington Cableway Company and Cartela Steamship Restoration, and former Director of the Tasmanian Convention Bureau, Ecotourism Australia and Southern Tasmanian Regional Tourism Association.

    I would greatly appreciate your support in voting for me.

  • Corey Peterson
    Corey Peterson is a 2019 RACT Board Election Candidate
    Corey Peterson MACID, MSES, MPA

    I am an Australian Institute of Company Directors member and have worked in governance roles for 15 years, including University of Tasmania Council (six years) and the Boards of Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability (five years, current President) and Sustainable Living Tasmania (ten years, five as President). I am also a Tasmanian Leaders Program graduate with Masters Degrees in Environmental Science and Public Administration.

    As the University of Tasmania Sustainability Manager, I am responsible for development and implementation of the Sustainable Transport Strategies since 2012, including state-wide efforts such as partnering with Metro Tasmania and State Government for higher frequency services and installing university bus stop shelters delivering a sustained increase in bus ridership, delivering bike end of trip facilities, ensuring parking facilities include charging points for cars, motorcycles and bikes, and in 2014 among the first to introduce electric cars into a Tasmanian fleet.

    These efforts support recent RACT leadership treating transport holistically so those choosing not to drive can more easily access other travel modes that allows those needing to drive to suffer less congestion. If elected to the RACT Board, in addition to ensuring good governance, I would support continuing this holistic focus that benefits all road users.

  • Risden Knightley*
    RACT board member Risden Knightley.
    Risden Knightley* BEng (Civil), GDipGov, FIE Aust, CPEng, NER

    Risden Knightley is a chartered civil engineer and a Fellow of engineers Australia.

    He has been a Director of RACT since 2016, bringing extensive engineering experience particularly in traffic infrastructure and management.

    He is passionate about supporting Tasmanians, his experience assists and informs the Club’s strong advocacy efforts and the important role the Club has in representing road users and the community. Risden’s experience in managing change and delivering improved corporate governance and risk management practices is valuable as RACT seeks to achieve key strategic goals throughout its businesses.

    As Principal Engineer of RJK Consulting Engineers, based in Launceston, he has advised on a wide variety of civil transport infrastructure proposals and designs throughout the state and is often consulted due to his expertise.

    Risden is a past President of the Tasmania Division of Engineers Australia and was previously General Manager of Kentish Council and held engineering roles with the Australian Royal Air Force. He has demonstrated managerial, financial and leadership experience across all industry sectors including government, private industry and the not-for-profit sector.

    Risden is excited by the prospect of continuing the great work of RACT, and improving the range and value of services offered to members.

  • Jenny Self*
    RACT Board member Jenny Self.
    Jenny Self* JP, MBA, CMgr FIML, FAICD, FGIA, CAHRI

    Jenny Self holds a Master of Business Administration, is a Justice of the Peace, Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, Chartered Manager and Fellow of the Institute of Managers and Leaders; and Fellow of the Governance Institute of Australia.

    A winner in the 2015 Telstra Tasmanian Business Woman’s Awards, (Government and Academia), Jenny is well respected in the Tasmanian business community.

    With a diverse portfolio career, Jenny’s core skills are in the areas of finance, governance, risk, management, business and strategic planning. Jenny has numerous years’ experience as a Non-Executive Director and as an executive in various businesses.

    With an open mind, highly developed practical skills and logical thought processes, Jenny adds significant value to board strategic thinking with the ability to ground strategic opportunities into practical solutions. Jenny is also highly proficient in risk management and brings a wealth of knowledge to the board and as current Chair of the Risk Committee.

    As a Director with a commitment to continuous board improvement processes, Jenny seeks your endorsement for a third term with RACT. Jenny will continue to work hard to help all members and to ensure a strong voice at the table.

  • Peter Dixon*
    RACT Board Vice President Peter Dixon.
    Peter Dixon* LLB, BD (Hons), MBA, MAICD

    Peter Dixon of Launceston has been a member of the RACT for 54 years and joined the Board in July 2007. He is a member of the Northern Advocacy Advisory Committee, and the Governance and Remuneration Committee, and is Chair of the Advocacy Committee. He has been Vice President of the RACT since 2013. Peter is one of two Directors who live in the Northern area of the State and he sees it as one of his responsibilities as a Director to represent the interests of Northern members.

    Peter was a lawyer in both private and semi government practice for many years and has extensive legal and business experience having obtained his Bachelor of Laws in 1967 at the University of Melbourne and an MBA from the University of Tasmania in 1995. He was President of the Law Society of Tasmania in 1998, and its Treasurer from 1999 to 2001.

    Peter is a Lecturer in Commercial and Corporate Law in the Tasmanian School of Business and Economics. Peter is also a Notary Public, and a Civil Marriage Celebrant.

    He is married with two daughters and three grandchildren.

* Denotes a current RACT Director who is standing for re-election

Online Voting

All online votes are registered via a secure website operated by the Australian Election Company and how you voted will remain entirely confidential.

What you need to vote online

To vote online you'll need your membership number and a unique voting code that you've been assigned.

Your membership number can be found on the front of your membership card. On the voting website, please ignore any leading zeros that are included in the number. For example membership number '0000001' should be entered as '1'.

You can find your unique voting code on the back of the flysheet that came with your October/November edition of Journeys magazine. For members who don't receive the magazine, you'll get this via a separate letter or email.

Please note that if you're a new member, you won't have been assigned a unique voting code on joining. We'll send your code to you as soon as it has been assigned. Until that time you can lodge your vote by requesting a postal ballot pack.

How to vote online

  • Access the voting website below and enter your membership number and unique voting code.
  • Select the candidates you wish to vote for. If you make a mistake when choosing your votes, you can click 'clear votes' underneath the candidates names and start again. 
  • When you're are happy with your selection, click 'next' and confirm your vote using the submit button.
  • Once your vote has been submitted it can't be changed so please check that you have selected your preferred candidates before clicking 'submit'. 

Common questions

  • Am I eligible to vote?

    You're eligible to vote in the election if you hold any of these memberships:

    • Service members (roadside ultimate, roadside advantage)
    • Honorary life members
    • Paid life members

    Note: If you hold membership in another category, you don't have voting rights. This is in accordance with the membership by-laws.

  • How do I vote?

    There are two ways you can vote in this ballot.

    By Mail

    Complete the mail ballot and return it to our Returning Officer in the reply-paid envelope.


    Click on the 'vote now' button above. Enter your membership number and unique voting code to cast your vote.

  • What if I don't have a unique voting code?
    If you've misplaced or haven't yet received your unique voting code we're able to email this to you. Please email your name, address and membership number and we will send it to you.

    You can also call or visit us and we'll make sure your code is sent to you.
  • Can I vote more than once?

    Each member is entitled to vote once only in this ballot. You can vote by submitting one ballot paper, or one online vote. If you vote online and by post, only the online vote will be counted.

  • When is voting open?
    Voting opens on Friday 4 October, 2019. 
  • When does voting close?
    Voting closes at noon on Wednesday 6 November, 2019. All ballot papers must be returned and received by this time. Online voting will also close at this time.
  • When will the results be announced?
    The four candidates with the highest number of votes cast are elected. The result will be announced at the Annual General Meeting on 13 November, 2019.
  • Who is the returning officer?
    The returning officer for this election is Michael Hopster who has approved all election material. He can be contacted by email.
  • Who can I call for membership support?
    You can call our customer service centre with any membership enquiries on 13 27 22.