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Spruce up your garage

While you’re sprucing up your workspace, why not organise all those nails, rivets, bolts and screws?

Here’s an easy DIY project to keep your fittings and fixtures together.

  1. Sort through each of your fittings and fixtures, making note of how many types you have.
  2. Salvage the same number of clear jars with screw top lids (e.g. jam, peanut butter, pasta or mason jars) - see our kitchen organisation article for inspiration!
  3. Using the underside of a work shelf or a length of timber, secure each lid with a nail or screw, making sure you leave enough space between them.
  4. Fill each jar with one type of fitting or fixture and label.
  5. Twist the jar into the lid and voila! Now they’re easy to find and you can see exactly how many you have.

If you're after tools or equipment to get you started, Clennett's Mitre 10 can help.
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