Natalie's sleepy overflowing bath blunder



Natalie works interstate during the week, so she really looks forward to Friday nights when she gets to come home and chill for the weekend. 

A few weeks ago, she finally arrived home after a two-hour delay flying out of Melbourne. It was getting late, so she said a quick hello to her husband, Andy, then headed upstairs to soak away the week's stresses in the bath. She sank down into her bath pillow as the soothing warm water rose up around her. Finally relaxed, she shut her eyes for just one second… 

Meanwhile, Andy was watching TV when he noticed a tiny drop of water splash onto the coffee table. He looked up to see a rather large damp patch forming on the ceiling. He leapt to his feet and ran upstairs to the bathroom. He found Natalie fast asleep in a cascading bath, blissfully unaware of the chaos she was causing. 

Luckily, Natalie has our Building and Contents Insurance. She called up our local claims team and explained her little bath blunder. We were able to reassure her that she was covered and the damage could be repaired. 

Andy did forgive Natalie…eventually. Now days, he even makes sure there is always a nice warm bath ready and waiting for her when she gets home.



Your home is covered for loss or damage ​caused by Insured Events.

Should the worst happen, we will pay to restore your home to the same specifications it had when it was built or last rennovated.

​Full details on the cover and options available can be found in our Home Insurance PDS

Rebuild or repair your home in any way you like. You can change the materials, plan, specifications or size. You can even change the site if you have to rebuild your home.


We will cover up to a further 25% of the Sum Insured in the event the cost of rebuilding or repairing your home exceeds the Sum Insured, if necessary.


​If the damage caused by an Insured Event results in you being unable to live at home, we will pay for accomodation expenses while your home is being repaired or rebuilt. (Up to 10% of your Sum Insured)​



Your contents are covered for loss or damage ​caused by Insured Events. We offer new for old replacement as standard.

Should the worst happen, we may choose to:

  • replace or repair your contents​;
  • pay you the reasonable cost of repairing or replacing your contents; or
  • pay you the Sum Insured

​Full details on the cover, limits, exclusions and options available can be found in our​ Home Insurance PDS

We will cover the cost of replacing any glass from your furniture, light fittings or household appliance.


If the keys to your home are lost or stolen, we will cover up to $500 to replace the key or change the locks.


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