Nathan's mobile in the washing machine mishap



A few weeks ago, Nathan had to make his weekly trip to the laundrette. A little tired after a late night, he gathered up his dirty clothes and went on his way. 

While Nathan was loading the machine, he noticed a mark on the jacket he was wearing. Being a quick thinker, he threw that in the wash too. He switched on the machine and sat down with a magazine. After a quick flick through, he thought he would check the footy results on his phone. He went to reach into his jacket pocket and…whoops! Nathan remembered where he had just put it. By the time the cycle had finished, the phone was a complete loss. 

Luckily for Nathan, he had Specified Personal Effects Insurance for his phone. This meant his phone's accidental spin in the machine was covered and we were able to replace it for him. 

Nathan has managed to keep this new one dry so far, and now he always checks his pockets before doing his laundry!



Australia and New Zealand wide cover for accidental damage, theft or loss of personal effects.
You can choose to have unspecified cover alone, with the choice to add certain specified items if you wish.

Should the worse happen, we will either:
  • repair the item;
  • ​replace the item with an item of the same or similar type and quality;
  • pay you the reasonable cost of repair or replacement up to the Sum Insured; or
  • pay you the Sum Insured for Specified Personal Effects

​Full details on the cover, limits exclusions and options available can be found in our​ Home Insurance PDS


If your item is accidentally damaged, lost or stolen we will cover you up to $500 per item and up to $1500 per claim.

This level of cover is ideal for lower value items, like costume jewellery, sporting or leisure equipment, clothing or sunglasses.

You can choose to cover certain specific items that wouldn't otherwise be covered under our Unspecified cover.  All you need to do is describe the item to us and tell us its replacement value. If necessary we may ask for a written valuation or receipt.

This cover is ideal for higher value items like mobile phones, camera's or laptops.


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