NBN Batteries

Free delivery and installation in the Hobart metropolitan area only. RACT members receive $10 off the RRP. Call 1800 011 411.

​​​​​​NBN Batteries with free delivery and installation*

RACT Batteries provides you with peace of mind. With free delivery available for trusted NBN batteries that come with a two-year warranty, you can be assured that an RACT NBN battery meets our high standards.

Southern RACT patrols carry NBN batteries on board and are able to fit one for you 7 days a week between the hours of 8am and 8pm, anywhere within the Hobart metropolitan area.​

$10 discount for RACT members

RACT members receive $10 off the NBN battery cost as well as free delivery and installation in Hobart metropolitan areas. *​


Member: $49.95 (includes free delivery and installation).

Non-Member: $59.95 (includes free delivery and installation).

Please ensure there is clear access to your NBN charger in the home. ​

Call 1800 011 411 to book your NBN battery installation.

NBN Battery FAQs

​Will the new battery change my internet connection?

Replacing your NBN backup battery will not improve or change your internet connection. NBN connectivity will be checked before and after battery installation.

What happens to old batteries?

NBN batteries are hazardous to the environment and as such RACT is committed to responsible disposal of batteries. The correct methods for the disposal or recycling of unwanted batteries are to give them to an RACT patrol when purchasing your new battery or deliver them to your local council recycling depot.​​

Terms and conditions: * Free delivery and installation in Hobart metropolitan areas only.​​​​