New electric vehicle an educational tool for Tasmanian motorists

The RACT has taken the lead in the research and rollout of electric vehicle (EV) technology in the state, adding an EV to its corporate fleet.

Following on from the announcement earlier this month that the state's first ultra-rapid EV charging station will be installed in Campbell Town by the end of the year, the RACT now has a Hyundai IONIQ full battery EV to support the delivery of road safety education programs.

RACT Community Manager Will Oakley said the vehicle will be primarily used in the north and north west to deliver these vital programs, which are supported by the Tasmanian Government's Road Safety Levy.

"In addition, it will allow the organisation to inform Tasmanians about the use of EVs, covering off how they operate, charging, their numerous environmental benefits, what models were available and what motorists could expect to pay," he said.

"Importantly, it will also allow us to test and learn about the challenges of travelling in an EV in the state to help refine our advocacy position on, for example, EV charging infrastructure."

Mr Oakley said the RACT held regular discussions with relevant stakeholders, including the Tasmanian Government, on the rollout of EVs and associated technology in the state.

"The RACT was pleased to note reference in the Tasmanian Budget papers last week regarding the government's commitment, through the Tasmanian Climate Change Office, to deliver on Climate Action 21 initiatives, including rolling out new EV charging stations," he said.

"The announcement earlier this month that Chargefox will install an ultra-rapid site at Campbell Town by the end of the year is also a step in the right direction.

"The RACT would also like to see EV technology incorporated into government or corporate vehicle fleets to stimulate demand, raise awareness and contribute to the second-hand EV market."

RACT has worked with LeasePlan to bring the vehicle onto its corporate fleet.

LeasePlan Marketing and Communications Manager, ANZ, Paul Scully said the RACT vehicle was the first fully EV that LeasePlan Australia had procured for a leasing customer.

"LeasePlan has made a bold, global commitment to enable and encourage the adoption of EVs in business fleets, and we are very pleased to see RACT leading the way in Australia," he said.

"This is the first of many EVs we expect to welcome to our fleet in 2019, and we are particularly excited to be supporting RACT's use of this one in an education and advocacy context."