5 Smart New Years Resolutions

It's time for a fresh start and we've put together 5 tips to help kick start your New Years resolutions...

​​​​​​​​​Make a plan

​​The start of a new year is a great time to reflect on what you've accomplished over the last year and set a course for the future. While you're making note of what goals you want to accomplish and how you're going to make it happen, it's also a good idea to ensure your insurance policies are up to date and take out any policies you've been procrastinating about in 2016.

Get healthy

New year, new you! If one of your New Years resolutions is to get in shape then you'll need reliable Roadside Assistance​ to ensure you'll be making it to the gym for your 5AM workouts. Pledge to never change a flat tyre and never be stranded because of a flat battery in 2017! With 24 hour cover, RACT Roadside provides peace of mind no matter how sticky the situation.

No excuses! When you sign up for RACT Comprehensive Car insurance​ you'll be offered a hire car option, so if you get into an unexpected accident you can continue on with your day... how's that for peace of mind?

Get organized

​Do your spring cleaning early this year! Now is the perfect time to clean out your garage, get rid of any unwanted items, and update your inventory of possessions in your home including TV's and electronics, and jewelry and clothing. Did you get that expensive gadget you've always been wanting for Christmas this year? It might be a good idea to add it to your contents insurance policy or get personal effects cover.​

Stick to a budget

​Is one of your New Years resolutions to save some money this year? What would happen if you got into an unexpected car accident or something happens to your home or contents and you're uninsured? Would your savings cover the cost to replace or repair? Protect yourself and your family from unexpected financial emergencies and get insured now.

As an RACT member, you'll be royally rewarded with heaps of special offers and discounts on everyday products and services like fuel, dining, movie tickets, travel, and more. Also, did you know that if you move​ eligible policies over to RACT Insurance you'll receive a discount?​ This could amount to some huge annual savings! Give us a call on 13 27 22 to find out more.

Keep your family safe

Not all New Years resolutions are all about you. Keep your precious cargo safe with a properly fitted child restraint​ installed by our experts. As an RACT member, you'll receive a discount on your child restraint and fitting so you can have a completely worry-free commute in 2017. 

Is your New Years resolutions to see more of the state? As an RACT member you will also receive a discount at Autoserve​ to ensure when your heading away on your next adventure, you and your family will be ​safe on the road. 

​​Making New Years resolutions can be fun and exciting but they can also be quickly forgotten. Putting it off until next year leaves too much at stake for you and your family. 

Give us a call today on 13 27 22 and we'll help you tick insurance off your list.