New families

Wow what a life changer! How is it possible that such a tiny person can turn your whole world upside down? Suddenly, nothing is too good, too safe. From buying the right capsule for your precious bundle to making sure your car is in tiptop shape.

​​​​​Your child safety checklist.

Safe and secure

The day has arrived at last, and you're finally taking your precious little bundle home for the first time. When you strap them into that child restraint, you want to be sure that everything, from the installation of the restraint, to its design, is the safest possible. We're passionate about ensuring the safety of children on our roads.  So with an RACT purchased or fitted child restraint, you know that your child is safe and secure. More info:

  • Child restraint FAQ's webpage.
  • Browse RACT child restraints webpage.
  • Make an appointment at your local branch.             

​Getting from here to there

As the years roll on, school drop-offs, sport practise and play dates will become a big part of your life. With so many places to go, and not enough time to get there, the last thing you need is a breakdown. RACT Roadside will come to your rescue fast, and get you where you need to go! For more information on our different levels of cover, check out the webpage.

Upgrade the car or furnish the nursery

With your precious bundle in the back seat, nothing can be too safe. After many hours researching safety ratings and reliability you've chosen your dream car. Or maybe you need more room in the house for that pink or blue nursery?

 We can help make that dream a reality.  More info: