Starting out

Life’s waiting. Nothing is more important than friends, fun and freedom. OK, family is in the mix! But as long as you can start making your own decisions there’s nothing to hold you back. As soon as you get that licence, and a car, freedom will be yours.

​​​​​​Get your independence 

Independence. The dream of teenagers across Australia. And one important step is to get those all important P-plates. We can help you on the way, building up your hours & driving skills till you're confident you make it on your own! For more information on driving school locations & prices visit the Driving Lessons webpage. Don't forget to check out our Whoa to Go! package while you're there!

Find your wheels 

Your first car! It's love at first sight. You've already picked out a name and made plans for long road trips with friends. But even the best cars have their secrets, and it's best to have them out in the open. We'll check out your new baby, and let you know exactly what's hidden underneath the bonnet. You can even use the information to drive an even better bargain! For more information, or to make a booking, visit the vehicle inspections webpage

Take cover​

​You're young! You're independent! And let's face it, you can't afford for anything to go wrong. Accidents happen to the best of us, and it's nice to have a safety net if you back-end that Porsche! RACT's third party insurance is a great low-cost alternative to give you peace of mind! For more information, visit the car insurance webpage

Oh, no - you've broken down!

You've got places to go, people to see, and you don't have the time to let a breakdown get in the way! Almost there isn't really there at all, and that's where RACT Roadside can help! We'll get you where you need to be, so sit back and let us do the dirty work! Find out more about our two different levels of cover here.

See the world​​

​You've been studying hard - you deserve a break!  The world is yours to explore.  RACT Travel has a host of experiences available for first time travellers.  Looking to take a gap year - we've got you covered.  With tailored packages and special deals for RACT drive school students, there's sure to be a holiday to suit.