Race day preparation

Hopefully your preparation for the City to Casino has gone to plan and you are ready for the big day tomorrow.
There are some important things you can do in the last 24 hours to make sure you do your best in the morning.

Firstly make certain you eat enough today to provide your body with enough fuel. This means eating a good breakfast, lunch and evening meal with plenty of carbohydrates like pasta, rice, potato, fruit and vegetables. At the same time don’t eat anything unusual or that you know may upset your digestive system. Also make sure you are well hydrated. For most of us that means drinking about 8 glasses of water throughout the day, minimising your alcohol intake tonight. Start the day tomorrow with a couple of glasses of water as well. A drop of 5% body fluid can mean a 15% drop in performance.

Apart from a short, easy run or walk today with 2 surges for 1 minute, which will actually help your body to stay at it’s peak, have a fairly restful day if you can. Some gentle, slow stretching of all the main muscle groups can help you relax and loosen off any tight spots.

Make sure all your gear is ready before you go to bed. Race gear with the number attached, warm clothes for before and after and a drink bottle need to be packed. Don’t wear brand new gear that you haven’t worn before. You don’t want blisters or chaffing. Get to bed early and get a good night’s sleep so you can get up early. Our bodies prefer to be up and about for a couple of hours before a hard physical effort so set your alarm for 6.30am!

A light breakfast is better than none at all. Again, have something you are used to, as long as it is fairly light. Avoid heavy, grainy bread or cereals today. Choose light rye or white bread and have plenty of fluids.

Try to arrive at the race start with plenty of time to park the car, warm up and do the last minute things. A 10 minute walk or jog with 2 stride outs at the pace you will run will get you ready to go.

Work your way into the event without starting too fast so you will be able to finish well and enjoy it more. Have Fun, after all, it is a FUN run!