Building sustainable roads

The Kingborough Council is making waves (or should we say roads?) in sustainability and environmental innovation, after unveiling the state's first ever stretch of road made from recycled materials.

Approximately 173,600 plastic bags and packaging, 82,500 glass bottles, toner from 5900 used printer cartridges and more than 33 tonnes of recycled asphalt were repurposed to create the road on Charlton Street, Snug.

The recycled road boasts improved strength and resistance to deformation, meaning it can last up to 15 per cent longer than regular asphalt.  ​

The Kingborough Council and road construction company, Downer, teamed up with resource recovery and recycling companies Close the Loop and RED Group to bring this sustainable road to the Snug community.

If successful, more recycled roads could be rolled out across Kingborough.

More information on the project can be found here ​