Safer roads for wildlife

Tasmania is the roadkill capital of the world.

This very unfortunate claim to fame is a blight on Tasmania's otherwise picturesque scenery. According to Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary, over half a million animals are killed on Tasmanian roads every year which is quite a remarkable figure.

RACT has partnered with The Wilderness Society, Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary and Tasmanian Conservation Trust to develop a campaign to raise awareness about how to avoid contributing to this startling number of native animals.

Rules of road kill

We encourage motorists to practice the five 'Rules of Roadkill' which are as follows:

  • Roakill attracts scavengers. If safe, move it off the road
  • Never swerve to avoid animals – slow down instead
  • Look out for road signs and roadkill – they indicate wildlife hotspots
  • Don't throw food out of your car – it attracts animals
  • Take care driving between dusk and dawn

The sheer volume of roadkill on our roads can be quite distressing for visiting drivers and, unfortunately, many Tasmanian drivers have simply been desensitised.

It is for this reason that the campaign is targeted towards all drivers and can be seen on social media and in hard copy at a range of distribution centres. RACT Roadside Assist members will also receive the 'Rules of Roadkill' in the mail over the coming months.