Call for motorists to pay more attention on our roads

We are calling on motorists to pay more attention and slow down as the state prepares for the festive season.

Roadside workers, school children, busy shoppers and pedestrians are all more vulnerable with increased traffic on our roads and more distractions.

Our Roadside Assistance workers had reported several incidents that could have ended in tragedy in recent weeks.

Our message to motorists is to slow down, pay attention, be courteous to other road users and plan to give yourself enough time to get from A to B so you do not have to rush at the last moment.

We are also seeing a lot of people crossing roads or stepping out in front of a vehicle while distracted using a mobile phone.

Schools are also winding down, so excited children are less likely to be paying full attention on the roadside.

While our roadside workers are provided with extensive safety training, they cannot control every circumstance around them, and they and our members are in danger at a breakdown scene.