Safety first

With its rugged wilderness, pristine beaches, fresh air and scenic roads, it’s not surprising that motorcyclists from around the world flock to Tasmania for an unforgettable adventure.

​Whether you're a local motorcyclist or you're visiting and have just ridden off the Spirit of Tasmania, there are some important safety tips you should take on board to ensure you explore Tasmania safely.

  • Wear appropriate, high-quality and comfortable safety gear such as a helmet, gloves, jacket, long pants and boots. You can find gear that caters to different weather conditions – for example, winter and summer gloves.
  • Take the time to stop and rest frequently. It is difficult and dangerous to concentrate for multiple hours at a time on the road and fatigue can set in quickly, especially when navigating around Tasmania's long, winding roads.
  • Tasmania's weather can change in an instant, so it is important to ride to the conditions. Some Tasmanian roads don't see the sun too often and in winter can become particularly slippery and mossy. Wet, greasy roads and gravel is also important to watch out for.
  • If you are planning on touring Tasmania on your motorcycle over a few days or longer, ease into the ride during the first few days to re-familiarise yourself with the motorcycle.
  • Understand how the safety features of your motorcycle can help protect you.
  • Tasmania is renowned for roads with many corners. This can be a lot of fun for motorcyclists, but ensuring your tyre pressure is correct will make the ride a lot safer and more comfortable.

Statistics have shown that the majority of visiting motorcyclists involved in crashes are from Victoria and New South Wales, with fatigue and inattention being contributing factors. The most common crashes were single vehicle run-off road, especially on corners.

We love welcoming visiting motorcyclists to the state and safety is a top priority.

To continue this important road safety education and awareness, all motorcyclists travelling on the Spirit of Tasmania will receive a newly released, updated version of the Tasmanian Motorcycle Travel Guide. New billboards and posters will also be displayed along popular riding routes and at stops detailing motorcycle crash statistics in the north-west and west coast.

Two brand new videos produced by the Road Safety Advisory Council have also been released, showcasing two knowledgeable motorcyclists on why Tasmania is a spectacular place to ride motorcycles, what riders should expect and how to experience our island safely. You can watch them below.

Further safety information and resources can be found on the Road Safety Advisory Council's website