Sam's tail-light samurai slip-up



Sam loves to role play and is always copying scenes from movies and TV. 

When he was little, he would pretend he was a knight and go galloping around the garden on his make-believe horse, using an old broom handle to joust with his teddies. These days, Sam is a Samurai, and the broom handle has morphed into his sword. 

One Sunday, Sam was spinning and swinging his sword on the street in front of his house, fighting imaginary baddies. Then, just as he was getting the upper hand, his fantasy came to a glass-shattering stop. The family car was parked at the bottom of the driveway, and Sam had just smashed the broom handle straight into the tail-light! 

Sheepishly, he walked back inside and told his mum. After giving Sam a swift telling-off, his mum gave us a call. Luckily, our Comprehensive Car Insurance covered her for Sam's samurai slip-up. 

We replaced the broken tail-light while Sam's mum replaced the broom handle...with a foam pool noodle!​



Australia wide cover for loss or damage to your car, and loss or damage to another persons' property.

Should the worst happen, we will either:

  • repair your car;
  • pay you the cost of repairing your car; or
  • declare your car a Total Loss

​Full details on the cover, exclusions, limits and optionsavailable can be found in our​ Car Insurance PDS

If your car has been stolen, we will provide you with a hire car for up to 14 days from when the theft was reported to us.


We will cover towing costs if your car cannot be safely driven after sustaining damage, or if it is recovered in a damaged condition after being stolen.


If you find yourself more than 100km away from home and your car is stolen, or damaged and cannot be driven, we will reimburse, on acceptance of your claim, up to $1000 to help get you home safely.

(Optional Cover)

If your windscreen or window glass has been accidentally broken, we will pay for the replacement. Better still, it wont affect your no-claim bonus.


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