Call for larger, long-term solution

The RACT is calling on the State Government to expand on its long-term solution to traffic issues around the Hobart Airport and Midway Point and Sorell causeways.

‘We have been asking for funds to be allocated to this area for quite some time,’ RACT Executive General Manager, Membership and Community, Stacey Pennicott said.

‘While there has been plenty of talk about a permanent solution to traffic issues for the Hobart Airport roundabout and surrounding areas, we still believe the plans that are on the table are insufficient to meet the needs of motorists in the area.

‘In our Budget submissions to both State and Federal Governments we have continually called for more funding than what is currently allocated to address the entire eastern approach to the city.

‘We believe that $300 million needs to be allocated to increase capacity and improve traffic flow in this area, including the Sorell/Midway Point causeways, and airport roundabout.’

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On 22 April, Infrastructure Minister Jeremy Rockliff announced a plan to consider a range of interim measures to improve traffic flow at the Holyman Avenue roundabout until the Hobart Airport interchange project is delivered and the Liberals’ South East Traffic Policy is implemented. More information on the interim solution can be found here.

‘The State Government’s proposed short-term fix for the area will only address one problem, and has the potential to create even more traffic issues in the area,’ Ms Pennicott said.

The longer-term $30 million Hobart Airport interchange project, to be co-funded with the Federal Government, will extend the dual carriageway further east past the airport, replacing the existing roundabout, and providing a four-lane overpass with Holyman Avenue and Kennedy Drive passing over the Tasman Highway.

‘We believe even the proposed $30 million long-term solution isn’t enough – it will simply push congestion issues further east into Sorell and the surrounding areas,' Ms Pennicott said.