Clearer timelines for key road infrastructure investment

Today’s State Budget has set a clear timeline for the delivery of the Bridgewater Bridge.

​'The Tasmanian Budget forward estimates indicate that planning for the Bridgewater Bridge will continue in 2019/20 with $8M in State and Federal Government funding allocated.  Forward estimates indicate that we could expect funding through to the 2024/25 financial year with an expected finish date for the Bridge to be late 2024,' RACT Executive General Manager, Membership and Community, Stacey Pennicott said.

A range of other pre-announced infrastructure projects have been funded, with the State Government delivering on its election commitments.

'This budget sees the Government funding its election promises. While there are no new major announcements, the budget sets out a funding path for a number of key commitments, including the delivery of the Hobart Airport interchange by 2021.'

In total, there is $323.5M in funding for infrastructure projects for the 2019/20 year.  

Some of the key projects commencing or continuing in the next 12 months include:

  • Hobart Airport interchange
  • Continuation of the Midland Highway upgrades
  • West Tamar Highway upgrades
  • Mowbray Connector roundabout
  • Bass Highway (Wynyard to Marrawah)
  • Richmond Road Masterplan

There is also $24.2M in State and Federal funding allocated for the Urban Congestion Fund in 2019/20 as well as funding for the Government's pre-announced Greater Hobart Traffic Vision.

'RACT recently released its 30-year Great Hobart Mobility Vision which outlines a clear plan to address both short and long term congestion issues. We are calling on the State Government to ensure that the funding from the Urban Congestion Fund addresses the key initiatives outlined in the Vision.'

The Budget also includes funding for a Traffic Vision for Launceston and Tamar Valley, with planning commencing in 2019/2020.

'RACT has commenced consultation with our members on mobility needs for the Greater Launceston area.  Congestion and future planning for the changing needs of people travelling in the Greater Launceston area is of concern to members.  We are encouraged to see the Government looking to address this through development of a future Vision, including undertaking planning ​on the need for a second Tamar River crossing.'

Image: An artist's impression of the proposed Bridgewater Bridge works from 2016.