RACT seeks more detail on State Budget spend

RACT has welcomed the inclusion of a number of commitments to improve Tasmanian roads in this year's State Budget, but wants to see more information on the priorities for future infrastructure spending.

RACT Group Chief Executive Harvey Lennon said he was pleased to see commitments for the Mowbray Connector in the north and continued funding for existing projects such as the Bass Highway at Wynyard and upgrades to the Midland Highway.

"Bringing forward components of the work through Perth to Breadalbane [on the Midland Highway] is a positive result for safer roads in Tasmania," he said.

"We also welcome funding for a review of traffic in Launceston and commitment of short-term funding for a real-time traffic congestion management system for Hobart.

​"Within this Budget long-term commitments are not clearly defined, although the RACT notes that there is a general provision of $335 million set aside for the period 2018/19 to 2020/21 to be allocated to future infrastructure investment projects, including Phase 2 of the Roads for Our Future program.

"The RACT stands ready to work with the government on identifying the most appropriate spending priorities for these funds.

"While the discussions are obviously yet to occur, these may include items we have already identified, like Bass Highway upgrades at Parramatta Creek, works at Howden on the Channel Highway and upgrades on key tourism routes such as the Arthur Highway and Hastings Caves.

"Securing funding for the remainder of the Midland Highway 10-year action plan is also critically important.

"The RACT will also be closely monitoring the progress of the five-year roads agreement with the Australian Government to ensure inclusion of the replacement Bridgewater Bridge, noting that the Tasmanian Government had committed to address this through the use of the Provision for Future Infrastructure Investment."

Mr Lennon also welcomed the government's increased investment in tourism marketing and additional funding for the Cradle Mountain Visitor Experience.

"We are also pleased to see continued investment in the West Coast region through $400,000 in West Coast tourism infrastructure and a focus on upgrading skills in the hospitality and tourism sectors," he said.

"The RACT has invested significantly in tourism and is pleased to see these initiatives that will not only benefit the sector but the broader economy."