Tasmanians urged to consider transport issues when voting

RACT is urging all Tasmanians to keep road safety and congestion issues top-of-mind when they head to the polls tomorrow.

The club's online survey of Tasmanians, managed via the Australian Automobile Association (AAA), shows the number one transport issue across four of the five electorates was congestion, followed by road safety.

RACT5139 Electorate Summary ALL.jpg 

The only exception was in Braddon, where road safety issues including upgrading the Bass Hwy between Wynyard and Marrawah, upgrading the Stanley Highway, new passing lanes on the Bass Highway between Parramatta Creek and Latrobe and safety upgrades to the Bass Highway/Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm intersection topped the list of concerns for 75% of respondents.

'These road safety issues have been on our budget and election funding priority lists for some time,' RACT Executive General Manager, Membership and Community, Stacey Pennicott said.

'The number of serious and fatal crashes in these areas continues to be of great concern for us, and is reflected in the sentiments of the residents of Braddon.

'We would like to see funding priorities to address issues in these areas as soon as possible.'

An overwhelming 81% of respondents in Franklin said congestion was their main concern, along with 72% of respondents in Clark.

'Our 30-year Greater Hobart Mobility Vision sets out a plan for the future of Greater Hobart, covering these two electorates,' Ms Pennicott said.

'We have called on all parties to fund this vision as a vital part of creating a sustainable, livable city for the future.

'While some funding promises have been made, we would like to see a more comprehensive plan to deliver our vision for the benefit of not only the residents of Clark and Franklin, but for all Tasmanians and visitors to the state.'

Ms Pennicott said the fact that 73% of survey respondents in Bass listed congestion as their number one transport issue further highlighted the need for a similar vision for the Greater Launceston area.

'With increasing amounts of development in Launceston, including by the University of Tasmania, the ease of getting in and around Greater Launceston is of growing concern,' she said.

Issues highlighted by survey respondents in Bass included the feasibility, development, design and construction of a new Tamar Bridge, traffic flow on Hobart and Invermay roads, investment in public transport and better urban planning to manage traffic volumes on the West Tamar Highway.

'We will soon be launching our process to create a vision for Greater Launceston and will be taking all of these responses into account,' Ms Pennicott said.

Congestion was also the main transport issue for respondents in Lyons, the state's largest and most widespread electorate.

'This indicates to us that the congestion issues being faced in the main city areas are spreading to the more rural areas and affecting their day-to-day lives,' Ms Pennicott said.

'It is important that residents of Lyons are not forgotten when looking at funding and resources for congestion issues across the state.'

RACT has compiled a list of all funding promises made during the Federal Election campaign to help voters make an informed decision based on the issues that matter to them.

'We would like to see all Tasmanians vote with their feet tomorrow and make a choice that will provide vital funding for congestion and road safety issues,' Ms Pennicott said.