Safer vehicles save lives

​​​Every fifteen minutes, someone in Australia and New Zealand is killed or seriously injured in a motor vehicle crash - that's 35,000 adults and childr​en every year.

​While road deaths have been declining, about five people per day still die each year on the roads.

When it comes to survival, not all cars are created equal. RACT believes that choosing safer cars is a vital element of the road safety equation.

Structural integrity - how a vehicle's shell withstands and channels external forces away from occupants in a crash - varies substantially from make to make and model to model. A sound structure is vital when it comes to saving lives.

Built-in safety features such as airbags, antilock braking systems (ABS), electronic stability control (ESC) and seat belt pre-tensioners help prevent or deal with the forces of impact. All are critical features.

Choosing a car that could save your life is as easy as five stars.

Check the star rating of your next vehicle or look for the ANCAP 'Stars on Cars' label at your local dealership. You can find more information on vehicle safety ratings at  ANCAP or How Safe is Your Car?

Towing Checklist

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