Cute character has an important message

Greg Irons from Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary with Tori the orphaned wombat
With one month left of winter and peak joey season fast approaching, RACT, Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary and The Wilderness Society are reminding motorists to look out for wildlife and to drive with care.

​To help reinforce this message, we are pleased to introduce Willy Wombat, the newest addition to our collection of wildlife cartoon characters.

Willy will help to deliver key road safety and wildlife messages in an effort to reduce the number of animals orphaned, injured and killed on the road.

30% of all animals reported to Bonorong have been injured or orphaned by a car, with winter being one of the most dangerous seasons for wildlife.

Bonorong has received calls about 14 orphaned wombats since the start of the coldest season.

Over the same period, 382 animals (all species) have been reported as being hit by a car.

Simple actions to reduce roadkill are:

  • Look out for road signs and roadkill – they indicate wildlife hotspots.
  • Take extra care driving between dusk and dawn.
  • Don't throw food out of your car – it attracts animals.
  • Never swerve to avoid animals – slow down instead.
  • Roadkill attracts scavengers.  If safe, move if off the road.