Windscreen myths busted

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Find the answers to some common Windscreen myths.

Myth– you can repair a chipped windscreen with nail polish


Using nail polish to fix a chipped windscreen seems like a simple trick, but according to RACT's Auto Glass experts, this one is just an old wives' tale. Even worse, using nail polish on your windscreen could make repairs more costly.

Did you know you can actually contaminate the chip and cause it to be unrepairable, so what might have been a simple repair may now turn into an entire new windscreen replacement.

Try placing some clear tape over the chip to stop dirt and other contaminants from entering the chip until it can be fixed.

Myth- is it safe to drive with a cracked or chipped windscreen?

It depends

Windscreen damage can be classified into six main types – cracks, stars, horseshoe chips, bullseye chips, crater chips or a combination of all five.

Generally speaking, cracks are considered to be the most serious type of windscreen damage as they represent an actual fracture in the underlying glass, rather than superficial damage to the outer layers in laminate that protect a windscreen.

If the crack is small and not in your windscreen's Critical Vision Area – which stretches 150mm either side of your steering wheel, then it's generally still safe to drive short distances until it can be repaired by a qualified auto glass technician.

Myth- if the chip isn’t in my vision, then I don’t need to fix it?

It doesn’t matter how small or where the chip is located on your windscreen, side window or back window. Unfortunately, the chip is likely to increase in size over time.

Most often if the chip expands in size it will eventually form a crack and once a crack you will need to replace your windscreen.

Best practice is to have a chip repaired before it turns in to a windscreen replacement.

How can RACT help?

It's important to deal with a qualified car repairer who can assist with the repair and replacement of side, back and front Auto Windscreens.

In the meantime, call our Auto Glass team on 1300 230 440 and they can provide an emergency "saver patch" to get you through until your inspection.

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