How to zip merge

Zip merging is where one lane merges into another with no give way lines on the road. Drivers must give way to any vehicle that is ahead of them and vehicles alternate to form one lane, like teeth in a zip.

In flowing traffic, it also allows cars to travel at similar speeds in both lanes. Motorists are expected to use both traffic lanes and should not block or try to prevent other motorists from using both lanes.

Changes have recently been made to allow vehicles to zip merge on the western approach to the Holyman Ave roundabout near the Hobart Airport on the Tasman Highway.

In addition, zip merge lanes are in place on the Tasman Highway on the eastern side of the Tasman Bridge off-ramp, and Bass Highway just after the Brickport Rd intersection heading from Burnie to Cooee.

Recently zip merge lanes have been installed at the Brooker Hwy junction upgrades south of Howard Rd and north of Elwick Rd. Consideration is also being given to a third location at Granton, where the highway reduces from two lanes to one.

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Merging when the number of lanes is reduced: When a driver is travelling on a road without lane markings and the number of lanes or lines of traffic is reduced, they must merge by giving way to any vehicle that is ahead of them. This is often called a zip merge.


Changing lanes when a marked lane ends: When a driver is travelling in a marked lane which is ending and is required to cross a broken painted line to enter the adjacent lane, the driver must give way to the traffic travelling in the lane being entered.