Group cover and pricing options

Take out a joint package for yourself or sign up as a family. The more members in your group the more you'll save on your annual fees.
​Ultimate pricing options​
Personal (1 person)$185.00+​ ​ ​ ​​​
Joint (2 persons)​$330.00​Save $40.00
Family (3 persons)$465.00Save $90.00
Additional person+$145.00​Save $40.00

Advantage pricing options
Personal (1 person)$109.00+        ​
Joint (2 persons)$205.00        ​Save $13.00
Family (3 persons)​$300.00​        Save $27.00
Additional person+$95.00​        Save $14.00

Payment by direct debit

Direct debit is the most convenient way of paying your roadside fees and ensuring that your cover never runs out.

Simply call RACT Customer Service on 13 27 22 or visit your local RACT branch to arrange payment by direct debit. Then each year with your roadside renewal you'll receive a schedule of when payments will be automatically drawn from your nominated financial institution or credit card.
There is no additional cost to pay by direct debit, and it provides you with the opportunity to spread payments throughout the year.  

Ultimate direct debit optionsYearlyMonthly* ​First Month
Personal (1 person)$185.00​$15.40*$15.60
Joint (2 persons)$330.00​$27.50​$27.50
Family (3 persons)​$465.00$38.75​$38.75

Advantage  direct debit options​ Yearly​ ​Monthly* ​First Month
Personal (1 person)$109.00​$9.10*​$8.90
Joint (2 persons)$205.00​$17.10*​$16.90
Family (3 persons)​$300.00$25.00​$25.00