Would you like your advertising to reach 105,000 households?

​With a focus on the community, this magazine is a key voice in the Tasmanian marketplace. ​Advertising in Journeys magazine is your opportunity to connect directly with our members.​​​
​​​​​Journeys is the RACT's magazine for members, delivered bi-monthly 105,000 Tasmanian homes. ​Our 2015 member survey showed that 91% of members who receive Journeys read the magazine, so about 95,500 households have at least one reader. 


A 2013 independent survey found that:

• More than half our readers recall reading Journeys advertisements.

• About half our readers say the advertising content provides useful information.


In addition, our 2015 member survey showed that more than half of readers surveyed bought a product or service they had read about in the magazine.

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