Call 13 11 11 for delivery and installation in metropolitan areas. RACT members receive $30 off the RRP.

​​​RACT members receive free delivery and installation

Batteries by RACT provide you with peace of mind. With delivery available 24 / 7, and trusted batteries that come with a warranty, you can be assured that an RACT battery meets our exacting standards.

All RACT patrols carry batteries on board and are able to fit one for you on the spot, 24 hours a day, anywhere within the metropolitan area.

RACT members receive $30 off the RRP including free delivery and installation in metropolitan areas. Terms and conditions apply. Non-members can also receive free delivery and installation in Hobart, Launceston, Burnie and Devonport.

The right battery for you

Car batteries come in a variety of sizes and quality standards. It's important to consider if the battery has the proper rating for your car.

The battery rating is stamped on the battery casing or you can find the information in the owner's manual. It's important to make sure that the battery can be secured in your car. If the battery you buy is too small or too big, you may not be able to clamp it in.

An unsecured battery can damage the internal plates leading to a battery that will not function properly or last as long as it should.

You should also consider the length of warranty​ you would prefer.  RACT batteries are available in three types: Heavy Duty, Extra Heavy Duty and Premium.

Battery maintenance tips

To get the longest possible life out of your battery, we suggest:

  • Keep battery terminals clean and dry at all times.
  • Maintain fluid levels but never over-fill your battery.
  • Distilled water is recommended for topping up your battery.
  • Never leave your battery standing for long periods without being charged.
  • Secure your battery. Vibrations can damage the battery plates.
  • Don’t drain your battery by leaving lights or accessories on.
  • Read your owner's manual before disconnecting your battery to ensure that computer or radio memories are not lost. ​