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Updating Australia's favourite SUV comes with its challenges. Change too much and it loses the appeal that made it the best-selling SUV in the country. Don't change enough and the others go past. Did Mazda get it right? Read more



​Still hankering for something with a bit of performance, but don't want to follow the pack and get into an SUV? Does family mean you need a level of sensibility? Perhaps Subaru has the answer for you. Read more



With safety technology that was reserved for high-end German marques less than a handful of years ago, Skoda has installed Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) in every model in the latest generation Fabia. Read more



​Volkswagen Group Australia announces temporary suspension of sales of certain affected vehicles fitted with EA189 diesel engines. Read more



Now in its third generation, the Audi TT still has that unmistakable iconic look. But in isolation it’s difficult to immediately pick the changes in the new car. ​Read more​

Mazda 6 review

In this fast paced world it seems only a heartbeat since the current award winning Mazda6 was launched in Australia.​ Read more​

Australia's Best Cars 2014

Australia’s Best Cars is the nation’s most comprehensive and independent, consumer-focused vehicle testing and awards program​. Read more​

Sharp performance, sharp handling, and best of all for prospective buyers, sharp pricing headline the a​​​​ll-new S3 Sportback. Read more​​

i30 SR - 013.JPG


RACT's Darren Moody reviews the sporty new Hyundai i30 SR. Read more



RACT's Darren Moody recently took part in the Mazda MX-5 media challenge. Here is his run-down on the day's events. Read more