Roadside assistance for all your business needs

RACT Roadside offers a number of different packages to suit your business needs.

​Roadside Business Advantage – ​$109 per vehicle per year

When you're in the business of driving for a living, the last thing you need is to be off the road. With RACT Business Advantage we cover your vehicle 24 hours a day Australia-wide, so you can get back on track as soon as possible. See terms and conditions

Roadside Business Fee-For-Service – $35 per vehicle per year

If you're after a bit more flexibility, Roadside Business Fee-For-Service is a user-pays program for cover within Tasmania. This membership is suitable for taxis, rental vehicles or businesses with 30 or more vehicles. See terms and conditions

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United fleet offer

RACT and United have developed an exclusive offer for RACT Fleet members who apply for and receive a United Card. See above for more information.