The more members in your group the more you save!

Take out a joint package for yourself or sign up as a group / family by calling RACT customer service on 13 27 22. The more members in your group the more you'll save on your annual fees.
roadside ultimate

Roadside Ultimate

roadside advantage

Roadside Advantage


Personal (1 person)

Joint (2 persons)

Family (3 persons)

Additional Person
+ $149.00 per year
+ $98.00 per year

* Please note your first payment will vary slightly when choosing some monthly pricing plans to equal the full annual premium over 12 months. e.g. - Roadside Advantage Personal (1 person) payments over 12 months are one payment of $9.15 and 11 payments of $9.35 = $112.00.

A package for everyone

To join as a family or group simply nominate one person as the primary cardholder. This person will be responsible for the payment and renewal of the roadside cover. Each person will share the same level of cover and expiry date but still have their own individual number and card.

All members will also get access to special offers and discounts on a huge range of benefits with RACT Royal Rewards including a 6c per litre discount on fuel at United Petroleum.​​