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Getting ready for your first child or the eldest is growing up? We have trained fitters in Hobart, Launceston, Devonport and Burnie excited to help.

    Service updates
    • For the safety of our staff, please ensure that your car and car seat are clean. Our fitters have the right to refuse to fit any seat if the car seat and/or area it is being fitted into is not clear from rubbish and/or is visibly soiled.

    Let us take the confusion out of fitting your car seat.


    There’s a lot to think about with a new child on the way, and as they grow. With so much choice and information out there, it’s hard to know what will help keep your family safe throughout. That’s where we can help.

    If you’ve got a new baby seat or want peace of mind knowing your car seat is safe, come and see us. We have a variety of seats and offer fittings by trained staff in Hobart, Launceston and Burnie. We also do regular mobile fittings in Devonport.

    So that we can answer any questions and show you how to check your seat safety, fittings take up to 30 minutes. To make sure we have staff available to help, please contact us to check and pre-book.


    Tips for using your car seat.

    Before you set off on every trip, here’s a checklist to follow for safety.

    CHildren in car seats

    Own a family day care?

    Let us make sure your car seats are safe.

    Keeping to the facts.

    We’ve put together some fact sheets on what to look for and how to best use your car seat. Remember, we’re here for you. Call us or book an appointment with one of our accredited staff. They're here to help with recommendations, suggestions and guidance for you.

    Common questions

    • Do you still offer 'fit for life'?
      No, we no longer offer 'fit for life' on car seats that you purchase from us. However if you purchased your seat from us before 30 June 2020 we will continue to re-fit your seat for free through-out it's life. 
    • I have a car seat that’s 10 years old – can I still use it?
      It is not recommended. The plastic shell and components of the seat have a much higher risk of failing during a crash. This is due to the plastic becoming brittle from sun exposure and normal wear and tear.

      To find out the age of your seat, look for a sticker with the date of manufacture. If the seat doesn’t have a sticker, look either behind or under the seat for plastic dials. These will tell you the day, month and year the car seat was made.

      We can check the age of seats for anyone unable to find this information.
    • Is it possible to fit 3 car seats across the back seat of my car?
      This will depend on the type of car seats you need and the make and model of your car.

      First, you'll need to see if you have enough anchor points in your car to fit the car seats. If you're not sure where these are, check your owner’s manual. The information you need will be under either:

      'Child Restraints' or
      'Child Restraint Anchorage System'.
    • Why do the new rules refer to age instead of size?
      Before the new rules came in, research was undertaken by the Centre for Automotive Safety. It showed that using age instead of height or weight, would result in less children being in the wrong seats. The age guidelines are easier for parents and carers to follow.

      However, we know children of the same age can be different sizes. So, we recommend using the child's shoulder height when choosing the right car seat. Most new car seats have height markers to show where the shoulders should fit, for safe use.
    • Child car seats
      Find information on safety ratings, buying and using car seats on the Child Car Seats website. Take care to also check the seat’s padding, fabric, warranty and ease of use. These small but important details can make life easier and more comfortable for you and your children.

    Make your family road trip smoother with these games.

    Car Cricket

    Passengers take turns being up to bat and score runs each time a car passes on the other side of the road. Each type or colour of vehicle scores a different number of runs, and you can mix this up how you like. For example:

    • Large truck = 6 runs
    • Caravan or car with trailer = 4 runs
    • Rare colour car = 2 runs
    • Regular car = 1 run
    • Red car = out

    The passenger with the highest score after a set amount of overs wins!

    Road Trip Bingo

    This one is a mix of bingo and treasure hunting. You'll need to prep this one the night before by drawing up a blank bingo sheet. Pop car colours or items such as signs or icons you're likely to pass in the boxes where the numbers would go. The first person to find everything in a line and who shouts "BINGO" wins.

    Don’t have time to prep? Have each person pick a colour and the first one to see 15 cars in their colour wins!

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