Two kids looking at each other, in car seats

Car Seats

Getting ready for your first child or the eldest is growing up? We have trained fitters in Hobart and Launceston excited to help.

Let us take the confusion out of car seats.

There’s a lot to think about with a new child on the way, and as they grow. With so much choice and information out there, it’s hard to know what will help keep your family safe throughout. That’s where we can help.

If you need a new seat or want peace of mind knowing that an existing one is safe, come and see us. We offer a special discount for members and have a variety of products for sale, offering fittings in Hobart and Launceston by trained staff that hold working with vulnerable people accreditation.

So that we can answer any questions and show you how to check your seat safety, fittings take up to 30 minutes. To make sure we have staff available to help, please contact us to check and pre-book.

The facts

We’ve put together some fact sheets on what to look for and how to best use your car seat. Remember, we’re here for you. Call us or book an appointment with one of our accredited staff. They're here to help with recommendations, suggestions and guidance for you.

Common questions

Is your seat safe for use?

We've compiled what you need to know to ensure your seat is safe.

Car seats community presentations

Our qualified car seat installers offer dedicated workshops to community groups statewide.

Run a family day care?

Let us make sure your car seats are safe.

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