Roadside Assistance

Travel with peace of mind knowing we’ve got you covered, 24-hours a day across Australia.
    Advantage Ultimate .this is the Most popular choice.
    or $121
    24-hour roadside assist
    24-hour Roadside Assist Yes 6 callouts per year
    Personal cover
    Personal cover Yes
    Towing - Metro (under 3.5 tonnes)
    Towing - Metro (under 3.5 tonnes) Yes Up to 15km
    Towing - Country (under 3.5 tonnes)
    Towing - Country (under 3.5 tonnes) Yes Up to 32km
    Flat battery
    Flat battery Yes
    Flat tyre
    Flat tyre Yes
    Out of fuel
    Out of fuel Yes We can sell you the fuel you'll need
    Lock outs
    Lock outs Yes
    Bicycle assist
    Bicycle assist No
    Caravan or trailer towing
    Caravan or trailer towing No
    Locksmith No
    Passenger transport after tow
    Passenger transport after tow No
    Second tow
    Second tow No
    Crash towing assistance
    Crash towing assistance No
    Heavy vehicle towing (over 3.5 tonne)
    Heavy vehicle towing
    (over 3.5 tonne)
    Heavy vehicle wheel change
    Heavy vehicle wheel change No
    Interstate coverage
    Interstate coverage Yes
    Overseas coverage
    Overseas coverage Yes
    Hire car for major breakdowns
    Hire car for major breakdowns No
    Major breakdown benefits
    Major breakdown benefits No
    Medical assistance
    Medical assistance No
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    * Benefit limitations apply. Please refer to full terms and conditions for further information.
    ** Instalments may vary for rounding purposes but will not affect the total cost payable across the year.

    You can read our full terms and conditions for all limitations and exclusions on your roadside cover.


    Which cover do you need?

    Be sure to think about where you live and what driving you do so you choose the right cover for you.

    Urban sprawl means more and more people are living further than 15 kilometres from work. So the cost of excess towing to get you to your mechanic may be more than the jump to ultimate cover.

    Give us a call and we can talk through the differences and find the cover that suits you best.

    Confidence for those ‘oh no’ moments.

    Stop: if you’re currently broken down please call 13 11 11. Additional service fees will apply.

    Our roadside cover is personal. It’s about you and not the car you’re in. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re driving or a passenger in your friend’s car, we’ll help you during an unexpected breakdown.

    When you take out coverage, there is a 48 hour waiting period on all benefits offered. You can pay an extra service fee to get help now if you’ve broken down. Call us on 13 11 11 so we can sign you up and send help.

    Whilst we can’t help you during a crash, we can assist afterwards depending on your level of cover. We’ll drop everything to assist in an emergency and send our nearest patrol if a child or animal is locked in a car. Member or not.

    Common questions

    • How do I renew my roadside cover online?
      If you want to pay your renewal online, you can head to our make a payment page with your reference and pay with card.
    • I’ve just moved from interstate where I had cover, can I use my existing roadside membership?
      Yes. If you've got Roadside with an interstate club let us know your current details and show us your card. We'll help you on the road until it expires and then you can move across to us.
    • I just bought a new car and received roadside as part of the package. This means I wouldn't need to take out coverage, right?
      It's important to know that the roadside service that comes with your car, is for that car only. The service you get with that cover depends on the type of car you've purchased. Call us to discuss what you're covered for on the road and to help you decide if you need more cover with us.
    • If I have roadside assistance, is a family member covered when they are driving my car?
      Our Roadside cover is all about the person. This means if you have coverage and you break down in any car, as long as you're a passenger, you're covered. If a family member is driving your car and you're not there, they are only covered if they have their own roadside cover.
    • Are you able to fix my wheelchair or scooter?
      Yes. Whether you're a member or not, we offer emergency wheelchair/scooter services to get you mobile again and on your way.

    Customer help

    • Call us on 13 27 22 for general enquiries.
    • Call 13 11 11 for roadside assistance
    • Been in a crash and need police assistance?