Roadside Group Cover

Save more money when you join as a family or group. The more of you there are, the more money you will save.

    More of you means more savings

    If there’s a few of you save money by joining as a family or group. You’ll need to nominate one person to oversee the account. They will be the person we contact for payment or to renew. You’ll all have the same level of cover and get your own membership card. This is great, as it means you can all save on things like petrol, automotive needs and entertainment.

    Roadside Advantage Roadside Ultimate
    Annual Monthly Annual Monthly
    Personal (1 person)
    Personal (1 person) $121.00 $10.10 $209.00 $17.40
    Joint (2 persons)
    Joint (2 persons) $236.00
    Save $6
    Save $6
    Save $26
    Save $26
    Family (3 persons)
    Family (3 persons) $345.00
    Save $18
    Save $18
    Save $39
    Save $39
    Additional Person
    Additional Person + $115.00 per year + $196.00 per year

    * Instalments may vary for rounding purposes but will not affect the total cost payable across the year.
    You can read our full terms and conditions for all limitations and exclusions on your roadside cover.