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Got a boat or caravan? We can sort you out with these batteries too.

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Has your car been sluggish to start? Or, your mechanic told you last service your battery will need replacing? No matter how well you plan, a flat battery is one of those things that always surprises us.

The cost to replace your car battery depends on a few things, such as the size of your car, and the quality of the battery you choose. Sometimes, the cheapest is all we can afford but remember, a cheaper one may end up costing more as it will need replacing sooner.

It’s important to make sure the battery you buy is right for your car. We stock a range of heavy duty, extra heavy duty and premium batteries. If you need some more info, email or call us anytime for a more involved quote. This way, we can help you find the best option.

To give you an idea of cost, here are some of our prices.

You can call us 24/7 on 13 11 11.

Common questions.

  • How long does a car battery last?

    There are a few things that will determine how long your battery lasts, but the average life of a battery is 3 years. Below are some things that will affect your battery life:

    • If you have the right battery fitted to your car

    • How often you use your car

    • How well your car is maintained

    • The quality of your battery

    • The technology that it needs to power

  • What should I do if testing shows my battery as flat?
    If you’re not replacing the battery, it will need recharging with a battery charger. This may take up to 48 hours to return it to full charge.
  • Why choose us for batteries?
    There’s no need to shop around when we come to you. We’re available 24/7 and offer free delivery and installation in metro areas. Our batteries come with up to a 3-year warranty and our experts fit them for you.
  • What is classified as a Tasmanian metro area?
    Our metro areas are Hobart, Launceston, Devonport and Burnie.
  • Why won’t my radio work after I’ve had a flat battery?
    When the battery voltage falls too low, many electrical components are affected. Our patrols have the tools to keep the system powered up while they are fitting a new battery. Sometimes it may be too late when we arrive.
  • What happens to my old batteries?
    Discarded batteries, even NBN ones, are harmful to the environment so it's important you dispose of them in the right way. Our battery service includes recycling of your old battery, so we’ll take care of this for you.