How do I know if my seat is safe?

If you own a child seat you should check the following:

  • That it has an Australian Standard AS/NZS 1754 sticker.

  • That it's not older than 10 years by checking the year of manufacture sticker, or by looking at the dials embossed within the plastic shell.

  • Inspect for wear and tear, frayed straps, and ensure the buckle clicks into place securely.

  • If your seat has been in a crash, the damage may not be obvious. If you're aware that it has, don't use it.

Seats without this sticker can't be used
This seat was made 26 September 1992

Disposing of a seat yourself

You can responsibly dispose of a seat yourself by following these steps.  

  • Cut the harness, top tether and adjuster webbing 

  • Remove the SAI Global 5 Tick sticker, and any date of manufacture stickers

  • Write on shell ‘BROKEN – DO NOT USE’ 

  • If you can, remove headrests, bases or other parts

  • You may need to check with council as to whether disposing of the car seat in your kerbside collection bin is allowed. If in doubt, take the dismantled seat to your local refuse centre or check for disposal options.