Fuel Saver App

Looking for cheaper fuel? You can now save every time you fill up the tank with our new app. Download it now and make sure you're not over-paying for fuel.

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    You can download the RACT Fuel Saver app via the Apple App or Google Play stores.

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    Common questions

    • How do I download the app?
      The app is available for download on the Apple and Android App Stores.
    • Do I have to be a member to download the app?
      No, the app is available to all Tasmanians, whether you are a member or not.
    • Can I see the discounted member pricing at United Petroleum sites?

      Yes, members can choose to toggle the discounted pricing on and off. Do this by clicking on the piggy bank icon in the top menu and ensure the toggle is set to 'Show discounted member fuel prices'.

    • Why is RACT developing a fuel app when there is already a similar government app available?
      We've been advocating for real-time fuel pricing for many years. Our members look to us as a source of reputable information, so we are excited to be able to help them find not only the cheapest fuel prices around Tasmania but where they can use their United Petroleum member discount.
    • How do I know if the fuel prices displayed are up-to-date?
      The government has implemented real-time fuel pricing legislation which requires all fuel retailers to report their fuel prices as they change. The RACT Fuel Saver app draws its pricing from the government database. It refreshed consistently throughout the day, so prices are always current.
    • Are all Tasmanian service stations listed in the app?
      Yes, all Tasmanian service stations are required to report their prices, and therefore appear in the app.
    • Why can’t I see any service stations when I zoom out?
      If you zoom out too far, you may not be able to see the service stations in your immediate area. To fix this issue, zoom in and try searching again.

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