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Electric vehicle sales booming

Results released from the Electric Vehicle Council on 31 January 2022 have shown electric vehicle sales have tripled over the last year.

Exclusive sales figures show Australians bought 24,078 EV's in 2021, compared with 6,900 in 2020. This equates to 2.39% market share of new vehicles, up from 0.78% in 2020.

Many people in the car market are now considering an electric option, but the Electric Vehicle Council believe the government needs to support our communities to make the jump.

While some state governments have introduced rebates, the Electric Vehicle Council believe Australia desperately needs the federal government to jump on board in order to see a bigger uptake in EV sales.

Encouraging the use of EV's from a government level will see communities enjoying cleaner air, reduced respiratory illness, smaller carbon footprint and quieter roads. It could also see the return of a thriving manufacturing industry supporting thousands of quality jobs.

RACT's Low and Zero Emission Mobility policy fully supports the growth of Tasmania's public charging network, including slow, fast and ultra-fast chargers, as well as increases in electric fleets.

We encourage a range of subsidies for electric vehicle charging and network upgrades, as well as other financial incentives to encourage people to buy electric vehicles.

We also support electric public transport, e-bikes, e-scooters and e-skateboards as well as hydrogen technologies.

While Australia is still lagging behind the rest of the world in sales figures, as a wealthy, car loving nation it is still not too late to see us become an EV leader in the not too distant future.

*Source - Electric Vehicle Council