Family in the car road trip ready.
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Family car games

Are we there yet? Avoid every parent’s least favourite question and grab a smoother road trip with these games you suggested.

I spy

A well known guessing game where one player chooses an object in sight and announces to everyone: 'I spy with my little eye, something...'.

The best thing is you can change it up to whom ever is playing. Younger kids may play for colours and others using letters to practice their spelling. One trap to avoid is something that you're not going to pass before you say the magic words.


Everyone keeps an eye out for yellow cars, and shouts 'spotto' when one is found. Another good one that doesn't rely on any props and will keep kids focussed on what's going on outside the car. The one with the most spottos earns a treat surely.

Car Cricket

Passengers take turns being up to bat and score runs each time a car passes on the other side of the road.

Each type or colour of vehicle scores a different number of runs, and you can mix this up how you like.

For example:

  • Large truck = 6 runs

  • Caravan or car with trailer = 4 runs

  • Rare colour car = 2 runs

  • Regular car = 1 run

  • Red car = out

The passenger with the highest score wins. Over to you to decide if you face so many 'overs' or just keep going for a set amount of time.

Guess the song

Simply play a song from a play list and you all guess what movie or album it belongs to. Disney songs are always a favourite but you can change it up based on your family’s taste. 80's rock ballads? Tay Tay or even just pop songs. Choose your own path.

You could even turn it into carpool karaoke...

Road trip bingo

This one is a mix of bingo and treasure hunting. You'll need to prep this one the night before by drawing up a blank bingo sheet.

Pop car colours or items such as signs or icons you're likely to pass in the boxes where the numbers would go. The first person to find everything in a line and who shouts "BINGO" wins.

Don’t have time to prep? Have each person pick a colour and the first one to see 15 cars in their colour wins!

I spy with my little eye

Download our 'I spy' game and take it on your next road trip to keep the little ones entertained.