Haval H6 undergoing ANCAP testing
On the road

Haval H6 delivers impressive safety result

GWM's Haval H6 is the latest mid-sized SUV to be awarded five stars in ANCAPs latest round of stringent testing.

It performed well across all areas of assessment, achieving solid scores for its protection of adult occupants, children, pedestrians and cyclists.  The H6 also performed well for its ability to actively avoid or reduce the effects of a range of potential crashes through its onboard safety systems. 

This is GWM's first new Haval SUV model into our market for a number of years and it's performance demonstrates that the brand has kept pace with the latest safety standards and consumer safety expectations.

The H6 scored full points for driver protection in both the side impact and oblique pole tests, whiplash protection for front and rear-seat occupants, and the frontal offset test for the front-seat passenger.

Under test scenarios, H6's emergency lane keeping performed well, including its ability to avoid a run-off-road crash with an unmarked road edge. The car-to-car and car-to-cyclist autonomous emergency braking system also provided good levels of performance, as did its ability to prevent a collision with another vehicle in the turn-across-path intersection test scenario.

We were also pleased to see that child occupant protection, and the ability of the H6 to safely accommodate a range of child restraints also scored highly.

This will be another welcome addition to the competitive medium SUV and family markets in Tasmania.

A 5 star ANCAP safety rating applies to petrol H6 variants.  The soon-to-be released H6 Hybrid is currently unrated.  

Full details on the performance of the Haval H6 can be viewed on the ANCAP website.