car with light bar on
Advocating change

LED Light Bars

RACT members have raised concerns over the impact of the new generation of driving lights now being fitted to many vehicles.

It's an issue that is increasingly common.

Our Northern Regional Advisory Committee has also brought the issue to our attention.

It’s not a new issue – the RACT has fielded many complaints over the years about drivers with powerful lights failing to dip them.

But the complaints are mounting because of the brightness delivered by LED technology.

The LED light bars are an aid to safety in regional areas and off-road, but many drivers are telling us that they are being blinded by vehicles failing to dip these lights.

Tasmanian Road Rules prevent the use of driving lights or high beams:

  • When you are less than 200 metres behind another vehicle,

  • When you are less than 200 metres from any oncoming vehicle, or

  • To dazzle another road user, or in a way that is likely to dazzle another road user

The other issue is that some light bars may not be fitted in accordance with the regulations.

Under the regulations:

  • The number of additional lamps can’t exceed four.

  • They must be forward facing;

  • Can only be switched on when main lights are on;

  • Not to be fitted in a position that causes a dangerous protrusion

  • Not to be fitted above the bonnet line.

More detail on the regulations is available below.