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We all have those 'must have' features in mind when purchasing a new car.

When buying a new car, it's like setting off on a thrilling adventure and picking the right one can be a big deal. Car features are now designed to make your life easier, safer and more convenient. Whether you're in the market for keyless entry or blind spot monitoring, here are the must-haves for your next dream ride.

Go keyless

Say goodbye to rummaging for your keys. With keyless entry, simply keep your key fob in your pocket or bag, and your car will unlock and start at the push of a button. No more worrying about locking your car, it happens automatically.

Apple car play/Android auto integration

Seamlessly integrate your smartphone with your car. This integration facilitates hands-free calling, messaging and app access, promoting safer interactions while driving.

It’s all in the touch

Enhance your driving experience with a user-friendly touch screen interface that allows you to navigate menus and make selections without diverting your attention from the road.

Adaptive cruise control

Keep your distance and maintain the speed limit effortlessly with adaptive cruise control. Your car will automatically adjust its speed to match the vehicle in front of you.

Go electric

Electric car door handles are a much-loved feature in new cars, known for their style, convenience and eco-friendly advantages.

Let the cameras do the hard work

Take the worry out of perfecting your next reverse park with 360° cameras and assisted parking features. These technologies provide peace of mind when parking in tight or crowded areas.

Don't miss the blind spot

Avoid the dreaded blind spot mishaps with the assistance of blind spot monitoring cameras. Travel safer and reduce the risk of accidents.

Emerging braking systems

We're only human and our reactions may not always be swift enough. Automatic emergency braking steps in to prioritise your safety above all else.

When seeking your next dream ride, these essential features will transform your driving experience into a safer, more convenient and enjoyable journey.