On the road

Safety over speed

With travel being a constant aspect of our lives, if it's for a weekend escape or a leisurely road trip, prioritising road safety is crucial at all times.

If you're planning a getaway during a long weekend, enjoying school holidays, or simply undertaking a regular journey, it's essential to keep safety on the roads in mind.

RACT Head of Roadside Service Delivery Josh Dobie said there was a heightened risk when travelling by car or towing a boat or caravan during increased traffic on the state’s roads. 

“We’re urging all Tasmanians to practice safety over speed and asking them to prioritise careful planning and adherence to road safety guidelines, especially during the summer holiday season,” Mr Dobie said. 

Safety over speed: We want to remind everyone that safety should always take precedence over speed. It's important to remember that getting to your destination safely is far more important than getting there quickly. 

Towing safely: If you're planning to tow a caravan or boat, be cautious not to overload it. Ensuring that any added weight is evenly distributed across the axle is crucial for safe towing. 

“Understand your vehicle's braked towing capacity and your payload, your vehicle will have a braked towing capacity limit, and your caravan will have a limit on its aggregate trailer mass,” Josh says. 

Road trip safety tips: To help ensure a safer journey for everyone on Tasmanian roads, here are some key tips to keep in mind: 

  • Plan your route carefully: Always opt for the safest route, not necessarily the quickest. Safety should always be your top priority. 

  • Check your vehicle: Before you head out, make sure to check your oil, coolant fluid, battery, lights, and tyre pressure. 

  • Adapt to driving conditions: Be extra vigilant on winding roads and when weather conditions change. Keep an eye out for hidden bends and areas with limited visibility. 

  • Take regular breaks: To avoid fatigue, schedule regular breaks and stretch your legs. Try not to drive for more than two hours at a stretch. Prioritise rest to stay alert and safe. 

  • Practice patience: On the road, patience and courtesy go a long way. Adhere to speed limits and remember that ensuring a secure journey is more important than speed.