Dad near car and children holding dogs
On the road

Summer driving tips

Summer is a busy time for Tasmanians to be travelling on the road. We've pulled together a super summer checklist on how to prepare and keep cool.

Get a service.

If you've let your car service lapse, be sure to book it in ahead of your road trip to avoid any surprises. Hot weather can lead to mechanical stress, which can affect the working order of your vehicle.

Carry an emergency kit.

Be prepared this summer and make sure you're carrying extra supplies to keep you cool. We'll have you travelling with peace of mind, make sure your RACT Roadside Assistance is up to date.

Take breaks.

There's no better advice than to take breaks when you're travelling on the road, especially in hot weather. If you feel yourself becoming fatigued, pull over for a rest, stretch your legs and enjoy a bite to eat.

Never leave kids or pets in a hot car.

Kids and animals are very sensitive to heat. They can quickly dehydrate and develop heat stress. If you need to leave your car, always remember to take your loved ones with you, it's not worth the risk.

Look out for wildlife.

Animals are most likely to be on the move during dawn and dusk. Remember to be extra wary of wildlife at these times and not to brake heavily or swerve as this could cause a collision.

Keep cool.

The best way to keep your car cool in summer is to seek shade when parking outdoors. It's also handy to use a windscreen shade if you have to park in direct sunlight.