Patrol talking to member broken down on side of road.
On the road

What to do when you break down

Do you know how to stay safe when broken down on the side of the road? We've got some tips on what to do before help arrives.

There’s never a good time or place for your car to stop running, and most of the time breakdowns happen when you least expect it.

The good news is whether you’ve got a flat battery or something more serious, you can keep yourself safe while waiting for our roadside team by following a few simple tips.


  • Attempt to get your vehicle as far off the road as you can and consider your visibility to other drivers

  • Turn your hazard lights on

  • Consider your safety and if it's best to stay in the car, leave your seatbelt on. If it's dark or you're nervous keep your doors locked until roadside assistance arrives

  • If you exit the vehicle, stay a safe distance away from the road behind a road barrier if you can and take your keys with you

  • Keep calm and reassure any pets or children with you. Keep an eye on them if you do decide to exit the car


  • Keep driving if your car is sluggish, pull over as soon as you find a safe space

  • Wave down traffic for help as this can distract other drivers

  • Put your bonnet up unless it's safe to do so and take into account the weather. If it's windy and wet, it's best left down

  • Get out if there's nowhere safe to stand or if it's hailing, raining heavily, lightning or thundering

  • Stay in your car if it's uncomfortably hot, especially with children and pets.