Vehicle Inspections

  • Full mechanical check
  • Registration check
  • Discount for members

Pricing for vehicle checks.

It’s easy to get excited when you’re looking at cars for sale. Save yourself from buying a lemon by getting us to do a vehicle check.

Common questions

  • What exactly is in a car history report?

    We pay for a PPSR search which is a service to help customers buying second hand personal assets. You can check their website for more details on what to expect but a basic check provides:

    • Records of write-offs
    • Registration details
    • Finance owing
    • Stolen vehicle check
    • VIN validation
  • What do you check inside the car?

    When checking inside the car, we’ll look at the condition of:

    • Keys and remote locking/unlocking
    • Switches
    • AC/heater
    • Seatbelts
    • Dash warning lights
    • Window operation
    • Wipers and washers
    • Doors including boot/tailgate
    • Spare tyre, jack and tools (where fitted)
    • Exterior lights
  • What do you check under the bonnet?

    When checking under the bonnet, we will look at the condition and/or levels of:

    • Engine oil and whether there are any leaks

    • Transmissions oil

    • Coolant

    • Brake fluid

    • Auxiliary belts

    • Hoses

    • Air and fuel filters

    • Battery, it’s age, load test and terminals

    • Alternator check and test under load

    • Logged faults using scan tool

    • Safety system (vehicle self-checks)

    We'll also check:

    • For evidence of recent work (vehicle self-checks)

    • If fitted with a timing belt, whether it has been replaced as required (vehicle self-checks)

    • Whether the car is due for a service(vehicle self-checks)

  • What do you check under the car?

    We will lift the car on a hoist and check the following underneath:

    • Brake pads and rotors
    • Exhaust
    • Drive shafts, CV joints and boots
    • Drivetrain oil leaks
    • Damage to drivetrain components
    • Damage to underbody including structural
    • Fuel lines and any exposed electrical connections
    • Rust
    • Steering and suspension components
  • What do you look for during the road test?

    When we are driving the car, we’ll look and listen out for:

    • Engine performance
    • Transmission operation
    • Clutch operation, if manual
    • Drivetrain noise or vibration
    • Suspension noises (bangs, squeaks and clunks)
    • Brake performance including vibrations
    • Steering (does it pull to one side, steering wheel not centred)
    • Steering wheel vibration (wheel balance)