Creating a safer generation of drivers

Tasmania’s road trauma is among the highest in the nation, with 300 people seriously injured or killed annually, including 67 young Tasmanians*. This is unacceptable, and we need a different approach.

The need for change

Imagine a future where every young driver is a safer driver – where we’re doing everything we can to ensure our kids are as safe as possible when they get behind the wheel.

Your vote in this election can make all the difference.

We need a different approach

RACT is advocating for the development and introduction of a nation-leading comprehensive youth road safety program as part of secondary education, to proactively address Tasmania’s unacceptable road trauma crisis by creating a safer generation of drivers.

Over the next five years, around 40,000 young Tasmanians will gain their licence. If we continue to do nothing, the upward trend of fatalities and serious injuries will continue to climb.

The solution

Empowering young Tasmanians with strong road safety knowledge.

We do this by developing an educational program that incorporates theory and practical components to shape attitudes and embed safe driving habits from an early age.

Experience tells us the best way to shape behaviour is through educating at an early age, like we have seen with learn to swim programs in our schools.

Let’s do the same for our roads. Let’s teach young Tasmanians about road safety. Let’s save lives on our roads.

How it'll be paid for

RACT’s asking the next Tasmanian Government to invest $8M over five years to introduce the most comprehensive school-based road safety education program in the country. If we do nothing, the tragic reality is fatalities and serious injuries will continue to climb.

Likewise, if no action is taken, the economic and social cost to the state each year is estimated to be $38M. (Source: BITRE Social Cost of Road Crashes).

RACT is proposing the program be funded utilising revenue from road safety cameras to ensure its long-term sustainability.

This revenue, reinvested into educating our youth about safe driving practices, helps to make Tasmania’s roads safer for everyone, and no one can argue with that. 

How you can help

This initiative represents a crucial step towards creating a safer generation of drivers, and RACT is dedicated to seeing it through with the support of the next Tasmanian Government.

Now’s the time to ask your local candidate whether they support driving down the level of road trauma on Tasmania’s roads by investing in real action.

With your support, we can push for real action to make our roads safer.

*Ages 16-25. Six-year average. Department of State Growth statistics. 

Authorised by Mark Mugnaioni, RACT, Hobart.