Launceston waterfront

Greater Launceston has the potential to become one of Australia’s most liveable regional centres, providing it can address the ways people travel both now and into the future.

Population and tourism numbers are growing across Greater Launceston. However, a side effect of this is increased vehicle use, resulting in traffic congestion.

At the moment, 89% of people in Greater Launceston travel to work by car, while just 8% do so by bike, on foot or by public transport. If ignored, these trends will only get worse.

While six Greater Launceston councils have tried to address these issues through their draft Transport Vision and Work Plan, we want to see a long-term, 30-year vision for Greater Launceston that looks at not just transport, infrastructure and congestion, but public and active transport, future mobility, urban planning, as well as social cohesion.

This has been the focus of the feedback we provided to the councils to consider as they finalise their vision.

We look forward to working with the councils and Tasmanian Government to develop a unified, long-term mobility vision for the region.

For more information on our process, please visit the link below.